One of the biggest challenges of a home remodel is living in your home with countless disturbances caused by renovations. This is a common question we receive too: Can I live in my house during a kitchen remodel? Yes! You can. We cover this topic and many others in our kitchen remodeling guide. Find out more about kitchen remodeling there.

For surviving your kitchen remodel, try the following tips:

Effective Tips for Staying in Your Home During Home Remodeling

1. Plan in Advance

One of the best ways to avoid unexpected inconveniences during your home remodeling is to plan for them in advance. Communicate closely with your hired contractor to get an estimated timeline for your refurbishment project, including the start and end dates.

Remodeling is an intricate process, with numerous tools, materials, and components moving about your property. A thorough yet flexible timeline serves as a framework for the successful coordination needed to keep things running smoothly.

With solid communication and transparency between you and your contractor, you and the other occupants of the house will be able to calibrate your lives to the constantly shifting conditions with minimal disruption.

2. Designate Work, Living, and Play Areas

Once you’ve established your project’s timeline and a corresponding schedule, ensure that the spaces that are being renovated are blocked off to prevent your family members, especially kids and pets, from accessing them. Alternate routes, temporary barriers, and substitute amenities will protect your loved ones from the dangers of an active construction site.

Another practical approach would be to repurpose the rooms and areas in your home that are not being remodeled. For instance, while your master bedroom is under construction, consider moving to the guest room or bunking with your kids for a while. Additionally, for facilities such as your bathrooms, make sure that not all of them are being renovated at the same time so that you have at least one usable bathroom in your home.

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3. Relocate Your Supplies, Food, and Valuables

Rooms that are under construction and therefore inaccessible will rob you not only of their functionality but also of their storage capacity. With that said, it is critical that before your project commences, make a list of all the essential and daily-use items you’ll need and relocate them to a separate accessible space where they may be used throughout the project.

Remove everything else that could either hinder the remodeling process or get damaged during it, and make sure the items you’ll use the most are easily accessible.

Maintaining a sense of normalcy while your home remodeling project is underway will require flexibility and creativity. If your primary living room is being renovated or added to, make a temporary but comfortable alternative by transferring and setting up your home entertainment system elsewhere.

Is your child’s room unusable? Allow them to sleep downstairs and host slumber parties. Is the kitchen no longer accessible? Convert your dining room or backyard into a temporary cooking space by using portable stoves and appliances that can be rented or borrowed from friends and neighbors.

4. Create Kitchen Strategies

After your bathrooms, your kitchen is the most critical space in your home, and no household can survive without one. Adding to the challenges of a home remodel is the fact that most homes only have one kitchen, so having a backup or spare is usually not an option.

However, plain old-fashioned inventiveness and a willingness to improvise meals can go a long way in alleviating the troubles of your home renovation. For one, switching from heavily cooked to lightly processed meals will help a lot.

With that said, you should stock up on disposable dishes and kitchen utensils as well as nonperishable foods. Switch to meals cooked on electric skillets and can be stored in a mini-fridge, washed in a bathroom, or out in your yard without a functional stove, full-sized fridge, oven, or sink.

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