Patios are exceptional outdoor living spaces you can enjoy with your friends and family all year. In order to get the most out of your patio, we recommend adding a cover. Doing this will provide shade from the sun, protection from the elements, and give you more opportunities to use your patio.

When it comes to patio covers, you have more options than you realize. Each type of patio cover provides its own advantages along with its own style. If you want to stay connected to the outdoors yet want to take advantage of the shade, pergolas are a great choice. A traditional patio roof is best for those wanting a more traditional cover for the best protection against the elements. 

Find out everything you need about the four types of patio covers below!

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Pergolas are a type of patio cover that doesn’t offer total protection from the elements. A pergola is a tall wooden structure with open rafters, allowing sunlight, rain, and wind to pass through. Pergolas are an excellent way to elevate the elegance of your backyard while staying connected to the outdoors.

Pergolas still provide shade from the sunlight but expect it not to give as much protection. These structures integrate well with gardens since you can wrap plant vines through their rafters, making a natural roof from the sunlight and elements. Pergolas cost less to construct than traditional patio roofs and are typically made of wood. They can also be constructed from metal materials as well.

Wooden Pergola Patios Cover with plants

Patio Roofs

Traditional patio roofs are completely cover the patio and are typically extensions of your home’s roof. These roofs can be detached as well, but many homeowners look to have them attached to integrate with the rest of the house. Of all the other types of patio covers on this list, patio roofs are the most expensive. They use more materials, but they offer better protection from the elements and integrate well with other features.

When you have a patio roof, you can integrate features such as overhead lighting, ceiling fans, televisions, stereo systems, projectors, and more. All of these features only enhance your outdoor living space. The maintenance for your patio roof is greater than other options, but it elevates your outdoor living space so much more!

Patio Roof as Patio Covers

Shade Sails

Shade sails are low-cost patio covers made from UV-resistant material. These patio covers are best for protecting you against the sun, but there are waterproof options as well. While shad sails are affordable, they can be difficult to install on your own. We recommend hiring a professional for the job. Their complexity comes from their need for anchor points. If you don’t have dedicated anchor points for your shade sail, it won’t perform its job well and potentially fly away in the wind.

Shade sails come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can slant them or twist them slightly for a unique look in your backyard for their installation. They also have a wide range of colors and patterns you can choose from. Shad sails are also very portable, so you never have to install your sail permanently. Take it with you on vacation or move it around the backyard.

Shade Sail Patio Covers


Patio awnings are patio covers that attach to your home and extend over the patio at an angle. In some cases, patio awnings can be retractable while others are permanently positioned. These awnings are typically made of fabric with a metal frame to hoist them up. Nonetheless, an awning is a great patio roof alternative because it protects against the elements. 

Their UV-resistant and waterproof designs make them excellent options. You can find them in a variety of patterns and colors. For stationary awnings, you’ll need a permanent structure while retractable awnings won’t, so be mindful of your choice.

Awning as Patio Covers

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