What Are The Top 5 Exterior House Colors 2021?

The exterior of your house can get worse over time due to weather and dust. The best way to give your house a fresh new look is by giving it a new paint job. But the entire process of deciding which color to paint can be quite overwhelming. You have to stick to the latest trends and make sure that your house’s exterior ties together in a single style.

To make your job easier, we have listed down the best home exterior paint colors ideas. Pick your favorite hues and get started!

Top Trendy Home Exterior Paint Colors

1. Beige

Beige is perhaps the most timeless color that never goes out of fashion. Beige falls under the category of neutral colors that are quite trendy for exteriors. It goes with every style and also acts as a great dust absorber. No matter how harsh the weather gets, you’d never see beige color turning yellow or brown due to dust and debris.

2. Slate Blue

Gray and blue are the coolest and most tranquil colors. Combine the two, and you get a unique hue called Slate Blue, a fantastic mixture of gray and blue that gives your house a neutral look. If you like the exterior of your house to have a bit of personality, slate blue is going to be an awesome choice. You will find tons of blue-grayish hues in the market named slate blue. Therefore, make sure that the shade you choose is the truest slate blue by testing it in different light levels.

3. Warm White

Warm White Spool of Yarn min

Warm white is another timeless color that serves as a perfect alternate for people who don’t like their exteriors in a crisp white shade. Warm white or off-white is one of the most popular paint colors in 2021. It gives a warm and welcoming feel to your house and makes it look like a loving home. Warm white perfectly goes with wooden accents. Therefore, if you have those on the exterior of your house, a warm white paint would be a fantastic choice to complement the wooden accents.

4. Yellow

Nothing says happy like the color yellow. But don’t opt for a bright yellow hue that looks repelling. Choose a pale yellowish shade that looks cheerful yet decent. A soft yellow shade increases your house’s curb appeal and makes it look inviting. Pair it with crisp white windows and doors, and you will have an attractive-looking house that everyone falls in love with at first sight!

5. Gray

Being a neutral shade, gray is a popular choice among homeowners who have a contemporary style. The “gray paint” trend has earned worldwide attention in the past few years. Whether you go with a light or a dark shade, gray looks extremely attractive no matter the style of your house. It goes with nearly all architectural styles and makes a strong yet elegant statement.

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