Your home should be exactly the way you like it. Whenever you walk into a room, it should make you want to light up because of how much you love each piece of furniture and decor. If you’re feeling underwhelmed by your space, that needs to change. It’s time to spruce up your space and transform your interior. This might seem like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Ues these 8 interior design tips to get started on your redesign: 

1. Don’t Put Too Much Emphasis on Trends 

For those who do not have interior decorating experience, it’s often tempting to follow trends. Many people think because trends are popular that they are a good choice for design, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Trends come and go, oftentimes quite quickly. All-white interiors used to be all the rage, and now they’re on the backburner with thousands of other once-popular designs. Popularity is fading. Instead of going with what’s “in” at the time you decide to redesign your home, decorate your interior the way you think looks good. Your home only has to make you happy, not anybody else. 

2. Pay Attention to Lighting 

A good light fixture is an absolute must for any interior design. Some designers even believe you should use at least three light fixtures per room! You could mix it up with fun lamps, funky overheads, whatever you think suits your space. This will help keep your rooms airy and bright. 

3. Try Sample Paint Colors 

Picking a paint color is not as simple as traveling to home depot, seeing a color you like, purchasing it, and slapping it on the walls. Technically you could do that, but you would regret it. Paint looks very different in the store than it does on your walls. It changes depending on lighting. That’s why instead of purchasing a color hastily, you should buy some sample paints, then color some pieces of paper. Hang those painted papers around your room and check how they look in different lighting. Once you find the one that looks best, move forward with painting! 

A bunch of paint samples that can be used for many interior design tips

4. Mix Furniture

Matching furniture sets are fine if you’re looking to save time and money. However, if you want a truly dynamic interior, it’s best to mix and match furniture. Contrast can make your design more unique. Try complimentary colors and different fabrics for a cohesive but not overly matchy look. 

5. Make an Inspiration Board 

If you’re overwhelmed by starting the design process and you aren’t sure how to begin, you can craft an inspiration or vision board. Print off images from the Pinterest, take clippings from magazines, and find color swatches and patterns that you can attach to a piece of foam board. Then you can search for paint colors, furniture, and decorations that match your inspiration board.

6. Order Fabric Samples 

Many companies offer returnable fabric samples you can use when choosing which one you want for your new design. They can be pinned on drapes or placed on furniture so you know how a certain fabric will look with your paint and other decor. All you have to do is send back the fabric samples you don’t want after you’ve selected your perfect one. 

7. Invest In a Rug 

Rugs are an excellent statement piece. They can also help bring together the other elements in the room if you choose one with matching colors. Plus, big rugs can help make a small room feel bigger than it really is. A feeling of added space is never a bad thing! 

Rug interior design

8. Consider an Accent Wall 

Having a big, blank wall in your room can make your design feel incomplete. While creating an accent wall might seem risky, this is a relatively easy, versatile, and fun way to enhance the beauty of your home’s interior. There are a whole variety of ways you can create a stunning accent wall. You can use a pre-printed wallpaper, hire an artist to create a custom masterpiece, use shiplap, create a backsplash with tile, and much more! What you choose depends on your overall interior design goals. 

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