There are so many things to love about the colder months. Fall brings with it a slew of scents to enjoy. Notes of warm apple, pumpkin, and vanilla can be detected throughout homes and stores. Then, there are the beautiful sights to see. Nothing is quite as magnificent as the trees bursting into vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges to celebrate autumn. Then when the Christmas season comes around, there are even more wonderful sights, smells, and sounds! Snow on the trees looks like diamonds, hot chocolate smells heavenly, and who doesn’t love a good Christmas carol? There’s no doubt about it. The colder months are often some of the most enjoyable ones of the year. 

But there’s one thing about the colder months that no one enjoys: cold bathroom floors. Stepping from the carpet onto the tiles can feel like transitioning from fire to ice. If you hate cold floors, we have a solution for you. Heated bathroom floors can help make the colder months even better. Learn more about them in our blog! 

Types of Heated Bathroom Floors

There are three main types of heated bathroom floors. Mesh mats, solid mats, and loose cables are those three types. Here is some information about each: 

1. Mesh Mats 

Mesh mats are created by containing cables in plastic netting. You lay these mesh mats over an unfinished bathroom floor. Then, you seal them in with a special concrete mixture. Once this mixture has hardened, you can install your visible floor material (tile, vinyl, carpet, etc.). 

2. Solid Mats

Solid mats are more expensive than other options. However, it is also the simplest to install. That makes it a popular choice among those who can afford it. Solid mats have cables that are sealed in synthetic material. Thus, you do not need to seal them off with a cement mixture before installing your visible floor material. 

3. Loose Cables

Loose cables are the cheapest way to heat your floor. They come in rolls, and you have to uncoil them, then anchor them onto the floor in a wiggly, snake-like pattern. Like mesh mats, you’ll then have to use a cement mixture to seal them. Unfortunately, this can be a complicated process. If you accidentally dent one cable, you’ll mess up the entire system. Thus, you have to be careful when smoothing the mixture down with a trowel. 

A heated bathroom floor in progress

Cost of Heated Bathroom Floors

The cost of heated bathroom floors varies greatly depending on which type you choose and whether you hire a contractor for installation. Typically, you can expect to pay between $5 and $12 per square foot when you choose one of the three main types of electric flooring listed above. The larger your bathroom is, the more you will pay. However, there are many ways to reduce costs, such as choosing DIY methods and going with a less expensive material such as loose cable. 

Advantages of Heated Bathroom Floors

Heated bathroom floors have many benefits. Among them are: 

1. More Comfort During the Colder Months

Imagine stepping into your bathroom during the middle of winter and not jumping back three feet from the touch of frigid tile. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? You’ll have increased comfort throughout each of the colder months. That leaves you more time to enjoy all of the good parts of fall and winter without dealing with too much of the bad. 

2. Increased Resale Value

You’re not the only one out there who doesn’t like cold feet. Most everyone out there, like you, prefers to remain toasty and warm as the seasons become more frigid. Thus, many potential homebuyers will appreciate the change you made in your home, and they’ll be willing to pay more for your residence. Increased resale value may not be the only reason you choose heated floors, but it is a great advantage. 

3. Better Energy Efficiency

Often, cold floors are a reason to bump up the heat. The colder your floors are, the more your thermostat goes up. However, you won’t have to increase your heat as much if your floors are already warm. This means more energy efficiency, plus more comfort. What’s not to love? 

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