Remodeling your bathroom may be more affordable than a complete home renovation project, but it can be costly on its own as well. The average cost for a bathroom remodeling project can come to around $10,000, whereas building a high-end bathroom can cost you much more than that. If you want to remodel your bathroom without spending all your savings, you should create a viable spending budget for your remodeling project. If you cannot afford to spend too much on your bathroom remodeling project, there are ways you can save money and make the task less extensive and still refresh your bathroom’s style.

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Tips

With a bit of planning and intelligent innovations, homeowners can improve their bathroom designs with new faucets, bathtubs, light fixtures, toilets, and a vanity for much less amount of money. We have listed down a few bathroom remodeling tips to help you get a beautifully finished bathroom without spending too much out of pocket.

Preplan Everything

Nothing drives the cost of your bathroom remodeling higher than a change of plans mid-project. Changing your b=plans for your bathroom can not only cost you extra time and money but can also cause your contractors to redo the work they have finished already. Experts suggest planning six months ahead of any remodeling project, allowing ample time to discuss changes with your family and what changes are necessary.

Don’t Change the Footprint

When you are considering the remodel of your bathroom, you should choose if changing the foundational structure of your bathroom, wall and window placement, plumbing lines, and electrical outlets need to be changed necessarily. Renovating your bathroom entails leaving your bathroom layout intact while changing the wallpaper, paint, flooring, and lighting for a much nicer look. Unless changes to the footprint or square footage are necessary, our experts advise against extensive changes.

Bathroom Remodeling Floorplan min

Revamp Existing Components

Revamping existing components of your home can allow you to save on labor costs and reuse materials. Instead of changing the full vanity, faucet, and sink with a bathroom remodeling project, you can go for a simple facet change to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Adding new toilets can be expensive, but replacing old components per your need can be a great money-saving technique.

Remodel with Paint and Wallpaper

The walls of the room dictate the atmosphere of the space. Even painting your bathroom walls can help you make a significant difference in your bathroom. You can use texturing effects for your bathroom walls, faux wallpaper, and tiles to give your bathroom a much more sophisticated look on a budget. Another great tip for bathroom remodeling is refinishing fixtures for your sinks, faucets, and bathtubs.

Choose Quality Yet Affordable Materials

Choosing high-end materials for your bathroom can increase your remodeling bill exponentially. You can splurge your hard-earned money on a few select highly impactful bathroom components while stretching your budget to find affordable yet quality alternatives for other elements. Tiles can be expensive for some individuals, so incorporating wood panels can be an excellent idea for aesthetical purposes.

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