Are you interested in ways you can improve your home? We’re here to help. There are many home improvement projects you can undertake with a professional contractor, but we’ll focus on a small subset today: concrete projects. Concrete is a versatile and attractive material that can be used to beautify your home both inside and out. Learn about 7 different types of concrete projects today! 

1. Patios 

Patios are an excellent outdoor feature that you’ll enjoy for years to come. They are low-maintenance, versatile, and highly customizable. You could add a firepit to your patio, an outdoor kitchen, or even a pool! A good patio will last between 20 and 50 years as long as you clean it and address minor repair issues before they become major ones. A patio will also add resale value to your home, which is a great bonus. 

2. Driveways 

Concrete driveways are attractive, easy to maintain, and durable. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space, a concrete driveway will definitely do the trick. Concrete holds up well under heavy vehicles and equipment, and it can be stamped to look like natural stone. For homeowners who care about the environment, be assured that this is an eco-friendly material that requires less energy expenditure than asphalt during production. Concrete can be recycled and made into new home improvement features when you’re done with it as well. 

3. Countertops 

Many people don’t realize that concrete makes an excellent countertop for kitchens. Because concrete is strong and long-lasting, it will hold up well under heavy use, which is a must for busy families in the kitchen. Not only will concrete last you a long time, but it will also look great in any kitchen because you can change its color and finish easily. Concrete can be matte or polished, and it can be formed into any shape. 

4. Fountains 

Few things bring as much elegance and class to your yard as a fountain. This classy outdoor feature is a sure way to impress guests and increase home value. You can find a concrete fountain that’s right for you no matter what your design tastes, including ones topped with charming statues of cherubs, fairies, and other whimsical creatures. 

A beautiful fountain, a great option for concrete projects

5. Walking Paths 

Want to enhance the beauty of your yard? Concrete walkways are the way to go. You can create a whimsical, flower-lined path to a gazebo, install a walkway in your garden, and much more. Pair your walk paths with a patio to get the most out of concrete! 

6. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are an attractive interior feature for any home. Using concrete to create one has the same benefits as using the material for a countertop. You have access to many colors, shapes, and designs for a reasonable price. Concrete can mimic other types of materials for a fraction of the cost, such as marble, granite, and slate. That means your fireplace design choices are nearly limitless when you use concrete. 

7. Walls

Tired of drab walls? Try something unique! Concrete can be used for walls to create the illusion of natural stone. This material is naturally good at insulating, and it will give your interior design a distinctive, quirky touch. Choose from any number of colors and patterns! 

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We hope our blog has convinced you to undertake a concrete project soon. This wonderful material can be formed into so many things to improve your home. No matter how you decide to use concrete for home improvement, the E & L Star team is here to help. Our concrete contractors will make sure to enhance the beauty of your home with professional installation and maintenance. Contact us today for assistance!