Is your house feeling cramped? Do you find yourself parking anywhere but your garage? Do you dream of having an extra room? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider a garage conversion. A garage conversion is sometimes just the right solution to a lack of space. However, there are some things to consider before starting a garage conversion project: 

Things to Consider Before a Garage Conversion 

Legal Issues 

Garage conversions invoke a whole slew of legal and technical issues that must be addressed. One of the first and most obvious issues is the removal of parking spaces. Depending on the local government regulations, you’ll need to find a way to maintain the proper amount of parking spaces required when you turn your garage into a living space. Additionally, before you can start renovating your garage, you’ll likely need multiple permits. Activities like electrical, waterline, and HVAC rerouting are all activities that you may need permits for. 


Garage conversion cost is another factor to consider before deciding on a renovation. You may spend upwards of $50,000 to $75,000 depending on which features you choose. For instance, adding a bathroom and kitchen will add extra costs to your garage conversion. 

Safety and Security 

Parking outdoors may have negative effects on your car. Whether you live in a cold area or a hot area, there are risks to outdoor parking. Sun, snow, salt, and other elements can cause wear and tear on your vehicle. Additionally, car theft becomes a concern in areas where this is common. Parking on the street makes your vehicle more susceptible to these kinds of break-ins. 


Depending on your situation, there may be an alternative to a garage renovation. For instance, a basement renovation might suit your needs. An unfinished basement is a great alternative because it doesn’t come with the loss of parking, and it could require fewer permits than a garage conversion. You could also consider adding a second floor to your garage while still leaving parking space below, but this type of renovation is banned in certain areas and is more costly than a regular garage conversion. Finally, if none of these options appeals, you could consider an addition. 

An organized garage of a homeowner who is considering garage conversion

Why a Garage Conversion Might be Beneficial 

Garage conversions do not take up any yard space as regular additions do, and if you aren’t able to renovate your basement, they present a viable option for extra living space. A lot of people don’t even use their garages, preferring to park in the driveway, and not everyone has enough stuff to need garages for storage. For this reason, it can be nice for homeowners to make use of what was previously wasted space. 

Also, some DIY potential exists with garage conversions because they make use of a preexisting structure, whereas an addition will almost always require a contractor. (That being said, a garage conversion is not an easy task, and it’s better to bring on a professional if possible!)

Top 5 Ideas for Garage Conversion 

Here are several creative garage conversion ideas you can refer to when deciding how to renovate this space:

Extra Bedroom 

A garage to bedroom conversion is a classic way to transform unused storage space. Whether you’d like an extra bedroom for guests or you have two bunking kids who need their own place, you can’t go wrong with this choice. 

Guest Home

A guest home takes it up one notch from a guest room. Guest homes are basically mini living spaces, typically equipped with a kitchen and bathroom of their own. These are especially helpful if you expect a lot of long-term visitors. When guests have their own kitchen and bathroom, it helps the rest of the household function as usual without any complications from having extra people around. 


A lounge is a versatile use of your garage. Lounges can take on many forms, from an upscale living-room type area to a tiki bar. Lounges are classy, elegant, and a great addition to any home. They’re a great place to unwind after a long day or entertain guests.

Play Space 

Turning your garage into a play space for your children can help keep the main area of your home free from toy clutter and messes. You could have a small table and chairs for snacking, an indoor jungle gym, monkey bars, anything your children want. Another benefit of turning your garage into a playroom is creating a space for children to do arts and crafts without staining or scratching your nice furniture. 

Home Gym 

Paying for a fancy gym membership? Need to wait in line to use the equipment you want? Not anymore! Converting your garage into a home gym area means you don’t have to drive anywhere or share equipment with anyone to get a good workout. Post-pandemic, more than half of Americans aren’t planning on renewing their gym memberships. Exercising at home is an easier, cheaper option. 

We Can Help You Convert Your Garage! 

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