Your home is only as sturdy as the foundation it sits on. Building a new home takes a lot of work, but it all starts with a solid foundation. E&L Star Construction Inc. – Foundation Contractors in Houston knows what it takes to create a foundation that will support your home and last a lifetime. Our Slab Foundation Repair Experts follows industry standards to create foundations that won’t fail. We ensure your foundation receives proper drainage and the soil is compacted the right amount. Failure to follow guidelines around these qualities creates foundation problems later on down the road. When it comes to repairs, your foundation is one of the most expensive features of your home. So, having a solid foundation can help you save on costs as your home ages.



A wide variety of forces cause foundation deterioration. Some of them can be linked to building the foundation, such as poor drainage or poor soil compaction. These problems are signs your home’s foundation was not properly built. E & L Star Construction Foundation Contractors in Houston follows a trusted process designed to create a foundation that will last for ages. Some contractors neglect steps in the process, allowing for these problems to arise. Other causes of foundation problems include climate, plumbing leaks, soil erosion, and natural disasters. But no matter what issues arise with your foundation, E & L Star Construction is here to help. 


It is difficult to determine if you have foundation problems by simply walking around your home. Only so much of the foundation can be seen from the outside. A professional inspection would include entering the crawl space underneath to determine the problem. However, we’ll also inspect any other signs of foundation issues, which there are almost always some.

If you have any of the following signs in your home, your foundation may need repairs:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Cracks in walls
  • Doors are out of square
  • Sagging or uneven floors
  • Foundation settling or sinking
  • Gaps around door frames or exterior doors



E&L Star Construction Inc – Foundation Contractors in Houston is here to help restore your foundation so that you can move to remodel your home. You should always address your home’s foundation issues before proceeding with remodeling. Ignoring your foundation problems can create greater problems with your home and ruin some of the work done in your remodeling project. We want you to avoid this issue, so give our Slab Foundation Repair Experts a call today by calling us. You may also fill out the form on our contact page. Either way, you’ll receive a free quote from our team about your foundation project.

Foundation Contractor FAQs

The process of pouring a new foundation or requiring foundation contractor can generate a lot of different questions. Our slab repair team has answered a few of common questions below:

What are additional problems associated with foundation damage?
Foundation failure often causes other problems around the house. From the list of signs above, you can see a cracked slab, failing foundation can cause problems with interior walls, doors, and floors. Not only do these parts of your home require repairs, but your plumbing does too. As the foundation shifts, the plumbing may shift with it creating leaks or busted pipes. These are issues you want to address as soon as the foundation is repaired.
How long does foundation repair take?
Foundation repairs may take a day or several. It really comes down to the extent of the damage and what types of repairs must be made to the foundation. We can provide you with an accurate estimate once we know what the cause is.
Is foundation watering helpful?
Watering your foundation can help you keep the soil from extreme contraction during hot and dry conditions, which happens as it dries out. Your foundation is likely to sustain some damage when soil contracts to an unhealthy level, so watering the soil can prevent that from occurring.
Does my homeowners’ insurance cover foundation repairs?
This depends on your insurance policy. Some insurance policies may cover foundation damages like cracked slab while others may not. To be sure, contact your provider and ask them about your policy.
How long does it take for a concrete foundation to cure?
It takes about 28 days for a concrete foundation to cure fully. Of course, this time can be impacted by the climate, the type of cement within the mixture, and the amount of concrete. When our team is pouring your new foundation for your home, be sure to ask us for an estimate. We’ll provide you with an accurate time frame so we can finish the rest of the process.

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