Paint can do so much for the exterior and interior of your home. Painting services at E&L Star Construction Inc. help tie the rest of your home together. Many underestimate what a simple paint job can do. As our homes age, they gather a wide range of blemishes and marks. Over time, these features may not seem like much, but eventually, they degrade the beauty of our homes. While you could paint over these issues, there is a right way to approach them. Our professional painters follow strict procedures when painting to ensure it looks stunning once it’s dry. Only then will you see the beauty of your home come to fruition.

Painting Contractor Houston


Our painting services are available for almost any surface in your home. We have painting solutions that fit your surface’s needs. The painting contractors we partner with offer a wide range of paint types perfect for varying weather conditions, children, pets, high-traffic areas, and more. Each of these paints comes in any shade you could imagine, plus colors you would never consider. When showcasing options to clients, they are often overwhelmed by the number of options available. However, our remodeling experts are able to help you choose the right color for your home. It won’t just fit your personal preference, but also your home’s overall style.


The process of painting interior surfaces is a little different from painting outdoors. When our painters start a paint job, they are sure to follow the right guidelines and best practices that we have come to know. When these processes are followed, they generate exceptional results. Of course, our painting process includes more than just your paint. It also involves caring for any damaged surfaces for the paint to adhere properly. This comprehensive approach gives us the edge over other painting and contracting companies. We won’t just slap a coat of paint on your home. Our painting contractors are sure to take their time and ensure the surface is ready for the paint.

Here is the process of exterior painting:

    • Pressure wash siding
    • Repair damaged surfaces
    • Remove loose or chipping paint
    • Fill gaps in areas such as windows, vents, doors, etc.
    • Cover lights, trim, doors, vents, and more with protective coverings
    • Prime surface
    • Paint exterior

    Here is the process of interior painting:

    • Surface preparation and drop clothes
    • Repair any damage
    • Remove loose or chipping paint
    • Cover trim, windows, light fixtures, and more with protective coverings
    • Prime surface
    • Paint interior

    Give your home the finishing touches with a fresh coat of paint


    If you want a professional painting contractor to complete your paint project, give E&L Star Construction Inc. a call. We’ll offer you a free quote for your paint job. Our team of remodeling experts will discuss the many paint details with you, such as the surfaces we’ll be painting, the look you want, and more. All of these details are essential for our team to complete your project with flying colors. Contact our team today by calling or filling out the form on our contact page.

    Painting Contractor FAQs

    Painting is a relatively large project to tackle. We understand if you have questions regarding your painting project. We have answered a handful of commonly asked questions below.

    How long does it take for interior paint to dry?
    It depends on the type of paint being applied. Oil-based paints take 6 to 8 hours to dry, but another coat cannot be applied until after 24 hours. On the other hand, latex paints dry much faster in about an hour. However, you must way at least 4 hours before applying another coat.

    It is important to note that other factors impact the drying time of the paint. Humidity, ventilation, surface texture, and method of application can all affect drying time.

    How do you decide what color to use for my painting project?
    Our designers and contractors work directly with you to find the color and shade that fits your personal tastes and the home’s style. We never move forward without your approval, so the paint we apply to your home is the paint you selected.
    How long does exterior paint last?
    Your exterior paint can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years depending on the paint brand and quality. The type of surface and the surrounding climate greatly impact the lifespan of your exterior paint.
    Is there anything I must do to prepare for the painting project?
    We ask you to remove artwork, picture frames, and other decorations from the walls for interior painting projects. Please remove curtains, blinds, and shades from the windows. Finally, remove furniture from the room or, at the very least, place it at the center of the room.

    For exterior painting projects, we ask you to remove any items that may be leaning up against the side of your house.

    How long does it take to complete a painting project?
    Our team strives to complete a painting project in one or two days. We may need more time in very rare cases, but you can expect your project to be completed on the same day or the very next.
    Do I or someone else need to be home during the painting project?

    Yes. We require at least one person to be home during the painting project. This is especially important for completing interior paint projects.

    Is primer always needed for painting?

    No. Primer is not always necessary for paint jobs. Primer is best suited for the following situations:

    • Transitioning from a darker color to a lighter color
    • Stained surface
    • Glossy surface
    • Porous surface
    • After walls have been repaired
    • Humid areas

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