Tired of your bland, drab cabinets? Embarrassed by the hideous, peeling paint beside the refrigerator? Bruised from banging into the corners of your island and your countertops? We hear you. A new kitchen design and layout is a refreshing change many homeowners need. Our team at E & L Star Construction is happy to offer its kitchen remodeling services to you. But let’s make sure you have all the information you need about kitchen layout and design first: 

Kitchen Layout Basics

A kitchen layout involves deciding where to place appliances and cabinetry. It’s all about functionality. While kitchen design involves colors and themes—how to make the space look good—layout is more about how to arrange things practically. When choosing the best layout, you should consider questions such as: How do I use this space already? Do I plan to use it in a different way when I remodel? For instance, maybe you didn’t cook as much before, but now you do. That’s something to consider when selecting a kitchen layout. 

Common Kitchen Layouts 

Six often-used layouts are: 

Galley Layout 

A galley kitchen is comprised of two cooking spaces on either side, with a walkway running through. Typically the sink and dishwasher are on one side, while the fridge and oven are on the other. Galley kitchens are narrow and efficient, making them perfect for one cook in a small home. They are easy to move around in, as this layout does not involve any jutting cabinetry or corners. 

One-Wall Layout 

A one-wall layout is pretty self-explanatory. Everything, including appliances and cabinetry, is against a single wall. Like galley kitchens, one-wall kitchens are ideal for small homes. 

L-Shaped Layout

L-shaped kitchen layouts involve using two adjacent walls to join countertops in a corner space. This layout is perfect for homes of all sizes. It’s a simple, classic choice. 

U-Shaped Layout 

U-shaped kitchens take advantage of three countertops to maximize cooking space. All three countertops connect, and appliances are all within reach of one another. If you have more than one cook in your kitchen, this may be a good layout option. U-shaped kitchens are versatile; for instance, you can also include an island with this type of layout. This layout is great for small and medium homes. In large spaces, you’ll have to do a lot of walking between appliances. 

Peninsula Layout 

A kitchen peninsula is basically a connected island and counter. Peninsulas are ideal if you don’t have room for a regular island or would like to avoid people cutting through the kitchen between the space between your island and the rest of your kitchen. 

Different types of kitchen layouts are displayed in an infographic

Kitchen Design Basics 

A great kitchen design takes into account cabinetry, furniture, paint, and decorations to create a unified whole. There’s almost no limit to design choices. Every color of the rainbow and a wide variety of cabinetry and decoration choices are available, depending on your budget. You can choose subtle accents or bold ones, bright or muted colors. It’s up to you! 

Types of Kitchen Styles

You can use existing kitchen styles as inspiration for your design or start from scratch. Here are some basic kitchen styles you may consider: 

Cozy Cottage

Cottage designs are whimsical and charming. Often cottage-style kitchens consist of antique decorations, playful colors, and old-fashioned art. They are homey and welcoming. 

Country Farmhouse

Farm-style furniture and distressed finishes make for a rustic, comfortable look in a country farmhouse kitchen. You can use bright, cheerful colors like red, yellow, and blue for accents. Softer tones like cream and pale yellow also pair well with a country farmhouse aesthetic. 


Sleek and minimalistic, a modernistic kitchen involves gleaming, techy appliances and polished countertops. Modernistic kitchens are practical, leaving little room for nonsense or frills. If you’re a no-nonsense person who uses a kitchen for cooking only, this may be an optimal design. 


Contemporary kitchens combine past and present design. Modern appliances mix with older decorations and furniture, or vintage items blend in with new ones. If you can’t decide between an old-fashioned or modern kitchen, this choice is ideal. 


A Mediterranean kitchen mixes rich tones, warm-colored cabinetry, and ceramic decorations. Handmade items like textured placemats and rugs do well in a Mediterranean kitchen. A little mysterious, a little exotic, this design is a unique choice. 

Kitchen Design Tips

Consider Natural Light

Big windows or skylights can make your space feel more open and airy. Plus, the more natural light you use, the cheaper your electric bill. Try designing your space around natural lighting to protect the environment, save yourself money, and get a more natural vibe. 

Select Key Elements That Pop 

Accent pieces are the finishing touch to a great design. A pop of color in your lighting fixtures, countertop decorations, or cabinets can brighten up a room and make it more playful. Just make sure to choose complementary colors that stand out from the others in your kitchen without clashing. 

Add a Backsplash for Extra Flair 

A backsplash adds color and personality to your kitchen. You can choose unique patterns that stand out from the rest of your kitchen and give the space extra flair. Pretty and functional, backsplashes are great for any kitchen. 

Choose Trendy, “In”terior Colors 

2022 is a great year for teals and greens. Muted blues and pinks are growing in popularity as color accents, and combinations of yellow and gray or black and brown are also trending. Things trend for a reason: These colors are phenomenal! 

Get Your Dream Kitchen 

Our kitchen remodeling services are top-notch. E & L Star Construction’s team will make sure you get exactly the kitchen you’re longing for. Contact us today for a free quote