When approaching an outdoor living space, you’ll likely ask yourself if a patio or deck is better. There is no straightforward answer because both of them are great options for an outdoor living space. Of course, both offer their own set of pros and cons you must consider. You also can’t forget about your own personal preferences.

To determine if a patio or deck is suitable for your backyard, consider the information we have provided below. We go into detail about their capabilities, building process, costs, and return on investment. These details will help you inform your decision, so you are more comfortable moving forward.

Building Process

The process of building a deck and patio are drastically different. The space requirement for either varies drastically. Decks are typically larger than patios, so your backyard may not be able to accommodate a deck. That said, patios require a relatively flat area, which can be hard to find in Los Angeles. If your backyard is hilly, a deck is a better option.

As for the building process, you can expect a deck to take longer than a patio. Additionally, many decks require building permits while patios don’t. Building permits will add to your project’s time. To learn if you need a permit for your deck, ask your general contractor. If you do, they should pull the necessary permits for you. E & L Start Construction Inc. always pulls the required permits for the job, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Backyard Deck

On average, patios cost less than decks. Decks require more materials, planning, and building which can lead to higher costs. However, when planning out your outdoor space, there are a handful of qualities that will impact the price:

  • Materials
  • Size of the space
  • Location
  • Labor

These qualities will directly affect the price of your outdoor living space. Patios can easily exceed the price of a deck based on their size and the materials used. It also varies on any other features you include in your patio or deck, such as a cover, built-in fire pit, built-in seating. 


When it comes to maintaining your deck or patio, the patio is more manageable. Decks made of real wood require regular maintenance and cleaning. They also need proper sealing to prevent moisture damage. Failure to follow this step leads to warped boards and mold growth. Overall, natural wood decks have a shorter lifespan than patios. However, composite wood decks can last significantly longer. The only downside is they are more expensive when using composite materials.

As for patios, concrete, brick, and pavers can be sealed for longer periods of time. They also don’t retain moisture as wood does. The biggest issue you must deal with when it comes to patios is cracking. Pavers and cement can crack or chip from the elements or specific activities. Repairing these types of damages can be costly when they are serious.

Backyard Patio

Return on Investment

To get the most bang for your buck, decks beat our patios in every regard. Patios are cheaper to construct and have a lower resale value in return. If you want to add more value to your home, a deck is the better option. Decks are seen as great options for potential buyers. They are significantly more attractive than patios, making them popular for many outdoor areas. If you aren’t planning to sell your home, a patio may be better for you.

Let Us Build Your Patio or Deck

E & L Star Construction Inc. offers a wide range of home improvement services, including patios and decks. We’ll assist you in choosing between these two options. From there, our designers and remodeling experts will assist you in choosing materials, designs, and features. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (713) 815-5825. You may also visit our free quote page to fill out the form and send us a message. Visit our patio and deck building page to learn more about what our team can provide for your home.