More than 350,000 house fires occur every year in the United States. Approximately half of all house fires start in the kitchen. When flames get out of control, your home can become ruined in minutes. Even if the flames are contained fairly quickly, smoke damage is a serious threat to you and your loved ones’ safety. In order for your home to recover from a fire, you need a fire restoration company at your side. While you E & L Star Construction Inc. may look like a remodeling company, we offer a full suite of fire damage restoration services Houston, including fire and smoke.

Fire Damage Restoration Contractors


With years of experience in the remodeling and construction industry, E & L Star Construction Inc. is capable of offering all of the services you need for your fire restoration. It doesn’t matter where the fire started—kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, chimney—our team will be there to remove the damage and restore your home. Fire and smoke damage pose threats to homeowners, which is why we advise against cleaning it up on your own. You need a company with the proper experience and equipment to complete the project.


When your home is impacted by a fire, you should contact a restoration company as soon as you can. The longer you wait for the damage to be cleaned up, the greater risk you put yourself, your family, and the rest of the property. The process our residential restoration contractors follows is an industry standard designed to prevent further damage, remove any damaged materials, and prevent harm from any toxins or chemicals left behind. The process will vary in length based on the extent of the damage, which our team will assess once on-site.

Here is the overall process of our fire damage restoration services in Houston:

  • Inspection
  • Containment
  • Water Removal
  • Soot, Ash, and Material Removal
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Material Restoration


Soot and ash are harmful substances when breathed into our lungs. Even the smallest kind of exposure can lead to harmful health effects that last the short term or develop over the long term. Soot and ash are not the only harmful substances left behind after a fire. Materials impacted by the heat degrade and potentially release toxic substances themselves. Above all, you must be careful of the smoke damage. Smoke often causes more damage than fire because it reaches further than the flames. The smoke soaks into materials causing them to degrade and release substances and the harmful toxins of the smoke still soaked inside. Without the right equipment, you’ll breathe in these substances, which have drastic effects on your health.

E L Star Construction Floor Damage Restoration Services


After a disastrous fire, your home needs to be restored back to its original self. To do that successfully and safely, you need a fire damage restoration company backing you up. Give E & L Star Construction a call to get the process started. Our residential restoration contractor team will assist you in restoring your home and preserving any items damaged in the process. Our services are all-encompassing, so you don’t have to worry about hiring anyone else. Give us a call today to learn more about our services or to receive a free quote from our team.

Keep your loved ones safe while restoring your home with our fire damage restoration services Houston.


After a devastating fire in your home, it is understandable you would have questions regarding the restoration process. We have answered a few questions below.

How long does fire damage restoration take?

The time it takes to restore your home after a fire will depend on the extent of the damage. Some homes may take longer than others. We cannot give you a detailed estimate until our Residential Fire Damage Restoration Contractors are able to inspect the damage.

What are the safety concerns of fire damage?

The safety concerns after a fire include the structural integrity of the structure and the toxins left behind. The fumes left behind can cause serious disease or even death.

Can I grab any belongings from my home after the fire?
We recommend you do not enter the home to grab any items after the fire is extinguished. Our team can handle the extraction of any items you may want. We assess each item before determining if it is safe to preserve.

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