Room Expansions

Do you want to create more living space but are worried about the high costs that come with moving or adding to your current home with a house expansion?
It’s understandable to question big projects like this because of a limited budget or just not having the time or knowing who to contact.
Extensions are a fantastic way of creating additional living space, inexpensively and effectively, without having to break the bank.
If you’re in Houston or the surrounding areas, call the renovation experts and have yours constructed by skilled individuals.

House extension

More Money in Your Pocket with a Home Extension

In today’s fluctuating real estate market, moving to a bigger home can be costly and demanding.
Apart from purchasing a new property, you’ll still have to think about the following:

  • Real estate agent fees
  • Legal fees
  • Taxes
  • And other fees

A house extension will not only add space to your home, but it will also save you the time and costs involved in buying and selling.

House Extensions Are Tailored to Your Needs

An excellent thing about a house extension is it’s tailored to your needs. An extension gives individuals the opportunity to create a living space that specifically suits their requirements, such as:

  • Studies
  • Larger kitchen
  • Theater room

You are in complete control over the design and creation process. All you need is a plan and imagination. We’ll make the rest happen!

House Extensions are a Big Deal in Houston

In order to accommodate the growing number in your household, a house extension is the solution.
Through an extension, you can have the extra space that you need without the worries of having to move into a larger home.
Additions and extensions can completely change the way you live. They are a perfect way to house additional guests as well.

House extension in Houston

Effective Builds That Aren’t as Time-Consuming With A House Extension

A house extension can usually be built quicker than new construction, and the process could take as little as a few months, depending on the size and complexity.
Also, fewer planning permissions may be required than building a new home. In most cases, builders or architects provide a more specific time frame and plan, reflecting your specific needs.
If you’re looking for a way to expand the home without breaking the bank, extensions are the way to go!

A House Extension is Not As Costly As You May Think

Many homeowners tend to think that a house extension is a costly endeavor that is unobtainable unless you have lots of money.
This isn’t the case, as new construction materials are now more affordable. While costs vary based on extension type, and size, extensions are typically more cost-effective than moving to a larger home.
Extensions are long-term investments that can yield higher returns in the future. This is a great deal for those who plan on selling their homes in the future.

Increasing the Size of the Home on a Budget

House extensions are a budget-friendly way to increase the size of your home without compromising on quality or your unique specifications.
With well-planned designs and construction, building a house extension can add value to your property and benefit your family’s lifestyle.
Be sure to enlist a trustworthy builder to increase your home’s value, affordability, and functionality. E&L Star Construction can add and modify your home. We even offer financing for those who need it.

Financing Your Expansion for a House Extension

Your house extension can quickly be done through the convenient financing that we offer at E&L.
Financing is an easy and quick solution to having larger projects done without having to come up with the money all at once.
You can apply for financing through Synchrony Bank directly from our website. Just click the ‘Apply for Financing’ button, and you’ll know within minutes if you’re eligible for an extension for your home.

New Trends in House Extensions

Houston is a booming city with lots to do and see. The housing market offers many gorgeous homes that lack one thing, extra space.
New trends in extensions are:

  • Glass extensions
  • Small home add-ons
  • Apartment style basements
  • Extended ceilings

Your house extension is only a plan away. If you’ve been toggling with it in your head for some time, contact E&L Star Construction to make it happen.

Knowing Your Options for House Extensions

As a homeowner, you’ve probably encountered moments when you wish your living spaces were bigger.
Maybe you’ve thought about moving to a bigger house, but the hassle and expense make it so far out of reach.
With a house extension, you can transform your existing rooms into more spacious, functional, and welcoming areas.
You may be wondering what the benefits of an extension to your home are.

How Extensions Can Be Beneficial to Homeowners

Upgrading and expanding your living space is a common way to improve the space in the home.
Whether you need additional space for your growing family or seeking extra storage space, a house extension can provide you with the solution you need.
Extensions offer countless benefits that can make your home more comfortable, functional, and valuable.

Getting the Space You Need

Whether you need space for a home office, children’s playroom, or guests, a house extension can provide the additional space you require.
Extensions made to the home by E&L can be custom designed to suit your specific needs, allowing you to create the perfect space to match your lifestyle.
With larger living spaces, you can finally have the freedom to enjoy the extra room while accommodating more guests and family.

Being Able to Enjoy a Modernized Home

A house extension offers homeowners the opportunity to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their homes.
Adding a modern touch to the home can make your home more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It can even add a fresh new look to the design of your property.
Add-ons, extensions, and renovations are affordable ways to create a modern appearance in the home.

Personalized Living

By adding a house extension, you’re able to personalize your home in a way that suits your unique style and requirements.
Regardless of your goals, our team of builders can help you create an extension that caters to your specific needs.
By catering to your specific needs, you’ll have control over the process. With your vision in mind, your home will have a whole new look in no time.

Hiring House Extension Builders to Take On Your Projects

Professional house extension builders have the necessary skills and expertise to handle complex projects to ensure they deliver top-quality results.
E&L has a team of qualified contractors that work together to ensure that the project is completed successfully.
Remember, unlicensed builders don’t have the formal training necessary to perform large projects, so the quality of work may be inferior, and they might lack the experience or knowledge.

Quality Workmanship in Every Step of the Process

When you hire professional house extension builders, you can be assured of materials and workmanship that meet industry standards.
Our team sources high-quality materials and uses top-of-the-line equipment, together with expert craftsmanship, to deliver an end product that will meet and exceed your expectations.
So whenever you’re searching for qualified professionals, you can turn to who your friends and neighbors do, E&L Star Construction.

A Hassle-Free Process for a House Extension 

The process of constructing a house extension is intricate and demanding. It takes a lot of manpower to have it done correctly.
Engaging professional builders at E&L eliminates the hassle and stress that comes with managing the project and sourcing materials.
We’re the experts in the industry who will manage the process effortlessly and provide regular updates on the project’s status while giving you ample time to concentrate on other things.

Cutting Corners Cuts Quality in a House Extension 

While it might be tempting to cut corners and save some money by choosing an unlicensed builder for a house extension, the risks of potential hazards and poor-quality work outweigh the benefits.
Hiring professional builders should be your only option for constructing your new extension.
We not only offer quality workmanship but financing to help take the financial strain off your back.

Transforming the Home With a House Extension

A house extension has plenty of benefits for homeowners that want to transform their homes into functional and attractive living spaces.
Whether you need more space for your family or workspace, having an extension in your home is a great way to add value.
It’s also a cost-effective way to acquire additional living space. You can have a modernized home unique to your personal style in no time by calling our skilled and experienced home builders to discuss all of your extension options.