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Houston Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Liven up your home’s look with our kitchen remodeling services! Our projects address what you want and help you make better use of your space. Anyone interested in remodeling projects knows the importance of a good kitchen.

At E & L Star Construction Inc., we are passionate about delivering the best results in Baytown, TX. We strive to deliver satisfaction and can make your dream come true.

Our Process

As Baytown kitchen remodeling experts, we know what works and doesn’t. After you book an appointment with us, our team will come over and inspect your current kitchen.

We check for damage and your kitchen’s current condition before starting. Our project managers understand what you want, while our design team works on forming a visual depiction of your dream kitchen.

During the project, we keep you informed regarding any upgrades we think will improve your kitchen’s safety, structural rigidity, and practicality.

Things We Focus on – Houston Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Our primary focus is what you need. We strive to deliver what you’re looking for while making no compromises.

To allow you creative freedom, we have several options you can choose from, allowing you to design a custom kitchen. You can choose several colors and material options depending on your budget and style preferences.

While we focus on your needs, sometimes we need to make changes to the plan due to safety or practicality concerns. We confirm everything with you and only work on plans you approve during our Baytown kitchen remodeling projects.

Baytown Kitchen Remodeling

What Do You Get?

At E & L Star Construction Inc., we want to make your kitchen look modern while improving its functionality. Here are some things you get by choosing us for Baytown kitchen remodeling:

Improved Safety

Safety is one of the things that has seen the most innovation over the years. Our Baytown kitchen remodeling team ensures you are safe using safety devices and layouts that prevent injury due to falling.

You don’t need to worry about improperly installed fixtures that can collapse and cause hazards when choosing us. We make sure to install everything to reduce the chances of you falling or colliding with something so that you can focus on cooking without worrying.

We also install new lighting fixtures that look good but enhance your visibility to improve safety. The bright lights help you notice and address any unsanitary conditions to keep you and your family safe.


Old is not always gold. Appliances from a few years ago are more power-hungry and tend to break. During our remodeling projects, we replace your old appliances with newer models.

There are two benefits of doing this. First, you save on power bills, and second, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on repairing old appliances any time soon.

You don’t have to worry about old wiring malfunctions or leaky pipes. By investing in Baytown kitchen remodeling services, you prolong your home’s life and minimize the risk of potential disasters.

Modern Design

Our design team knows the latest industry trends. They can help you design your kitchen to perfection.

Whether you are a skilled designer or a novice, our design team can help you determine the feasibility of designing your kitchen a certain way.

An old kitchen can make your house look dated, so a modern design can help it compete with newer homes on the market.

Peace of Mind

The most important thing while choosing a Baytown kitchen remodeling contractor is their credibility.

Our clients have given us a 97% rating, and our commitment to delivering satisfaction is apparent because 96% of our customers come back to us for other projects. We will provide quality results that exceed your expectations.

More Space

If you aren’t a fan of bumping around into random countertops in your kitchen, our Baytown kitchen remodeling services are just what you need.

Whether you feel like storage space is an issue or your kitchen lacks room for mobility, we can help. Most kitchens aren’t small; they have inefficient layouts, which we can sort out.

Other Remodeling Services We Offer

In addition to kitchen remodeling, E & L Star Construction Inc. also offers and provides the Baytown area with many other remodeling options. Alongside kitchen remodeling, we also remodel:

We are proud of the work we provide the Baytown area. Look no further than E & L Star Construction Inc. for your next home project. Contact us today and get started today! Our team can help you get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.