What makes your house your home is a great quality paint job. At E & L Star Construction Inc., we offer painting services in Bellaire and treat every paint job with excellence and perfection, no matter how big or small it is. Our teams turn the lifeless interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial properties into living and breathing buildings.

We offer painting in Bellaire with a team of professional, skilled, and courteous painters who listen to the homeowners’ needs to give a new and refreshing look to their houses. E & L Star Construction Inc. takes care of all your painting needs, from hard-to-reach interiors to high-rise buildings, leaving all our clients happy and satisfied.

Indoor Painting in Bellaire

E & L Star Construction Inc. is a painting company in Bellaire that stays at the job until the last coat of paint has dried to ensure that you are satisfied with the job. We offer complete services – indoor painting in Bellaire that guarantee a new look for your home’s interior. From helping you choose that perfect hue to add the finishing touch, we ensure that you get the look you’ve been dreaming about.

Whether it’s your entire indoors that need to be painted or just a ceiling, get in touch with us now for any and all of your needs of painting in Bellaire. Our team understands that painting is much more than just rolling and brushing. We perform wall washing, gap caulking, sanding, trim painting, and all the other pre-requisites of a great paint job to make sure that all the damaged drywall are fixed, and the results are nothing less than perfect.

Our clients appreciate our entire process that involves protecting your furniture and flooring beforehand, leaving not even a speck of paint anywhere other than your walls. We treat your property with the utmost care, just like we’d expect someone to treat ours!

Bellaire Painting

Outdoor Painting in Bellaire

The weather in Bellaire can ruin your property’s exterior paint after some time. But when done by E & L Star Construction Inc., your outdoor paint can last a long time. Our services – painting in Bellaire promise two things: great quality with flawless results.

Whether it’s the exterior of your house or your business, you can rest assured that our painting services with weatherproof materials will prove to be a justified cost in the longer run. Our team is an experienced crew of professionals who’ve been working in the city for years, completely aware of the weather conditions. So, you can only expect the best results with utter determination and hard work from our team.

We paint everything from concrete to doors, and no surface’s beyond our capabilities. Call us now at (713) 715-1581 for a beautiful and lasting finish.

Got a Wall to Be Painted in Bellaire?

If you are a residential or commercial entity looking for painting in Bellaire, you know who to call! Give us a call now at (713) 715-1581, or get a free estimate for painting the interiors or exteriors of your property. E & L Star Construction Inc. will take care of all your painting needs.