The first thing that people notice when they set foot in your house is where they step, the floor! The floor of your house or office should keep up with the trends. From choosing the right kind of flooring to picking the perfect color that goes with your interior, it’s all a job that requires attention to detail, and that’s what we’re known for!

E & L Star Construction Inc. – Channelview Flooring Services Company offers flooring services in Channelview, Texas. Our teams help you choose the perfect flooring material from a huge variety of colors, finishes, patterns, and shapes for your indoors. From tiles and wooden flooring to vinyl and carpeting, you take your pick, and we lay out the flooring of your dreams.

For top-class flooring services in Channelview, turn to the renowned home improvement company in Texas with a huge crew of expert-vetted and skilled specialists who know all the latest industry trends and source the best quality materials. We work in close relationships with our customers, keeping them in the loop throughout the time to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The Process – Flooring Services in Channelview

Our flooring services in Channelview are done in three comprehensive steps:

We start with a survey of the area to take the measurements, note any uneven surfaces on the floor, and look for any underlying problems like water seepage that might damage your flooring. If your floor has any signs of damage or has an uneven surface, we first fix the issues to make sure that the base of your flooring is perfectly smooth and ready for the flooring to be installed.

Next, we take your input to select the materials while considering your needs, choices, and budget. We know the best vendors in Channelview who offer top-quality materials at the best prices.

Channelview Flooring

Lastly, we install the flooring within your given timeframe. Our crew members make sure to put each piece of your flooring with utmost care and precision so that the final look is absolutely neat.

Types of Flooring We Offer

We offer all kinds of flooring services in Channelview for residential and commercial buildings. These include:


Tiles come in various colors, shapes, and patterns. They are quite common in contemporary interiors and add timeless elegance to your space. They can be used in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and laundry rooms.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors look very appealing and add to the overall aesthetic of your house. They add a durable and cozy touch to your indoors and are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.


Our flooring services in Channelview also include high-quality carpeting that offers perfect insulation and a feeling of warmth in your home. The carpets we choose are easy to maintain, versatile, and stylish.

We also offer laminate, natural stone, vinyl, bamboo, and rubber flooring for gyms and industrial buildings. Our flooring services cover staircases to ensure that your entire indoor look has the same ambiance.

Looking for Flooring Services in Channelview?

If you are a residential or commercial entity looking for flooring services in Channelview, you know who to call! Give us a call now at (713) 715-1581 or get a free estimate to upgrade the flooring of your indoors. E & L Star Construction Inc. – Channelview Flooring Services Company will take care of all your needs within the given timeframe and budget.