Home Remodeling Katy

Katy Home Remodeling

Katy is a simple and quiet town in Texas. However, occasional earthquakes shake the neighborhood, causing damage that leads to structural problems in homes and commercial buildings. If you find yourself dealing with frequent plumbing problems, the issue might be deep-rooted within the building’s structure. You better consider home remodeling in Katy!

E & L Star Construction Inc. in Katy is a remodeling and renovation company that caters to all sorts of Katy Home Remodeling. From structural renovations to roofing issues, we offer everything under one roof.

Our expert-vetted crew members have been in the field for years, helping our company show the dedication, trust, and reliability that we are known for. We cater to all the remodeling and renovation needs of residential and commercial buildings in Katy.

Our project managers stay on-site with our crew members to overlook the progress and ensure that quality and customer satisfaction are delivered 100% of the time! Our services include:

Home Remodeling

Whether you are buying or selling your house, the best way to increase its value is to remodel it.

Keeping it in good shape and making sure it’s 100% functional and meets the current needs of society would maximize its value.

We can renovate your house from the basement to the roof, giving it a complete makeover to look new and modern.

Katy Home Remodeling

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling – Katy Home Remodeling

Are you swooning over those Pinterest décor ideas?

The most critical aspect of today’s contemporary kitchens and bathrooms is their aesthetic appeal. Everything in your kitchen and bathroom can turn into one of those Pinterest-worthy pictures, from tiles to accent lights.

Trust in us to give it a complete beauty makeover and transform it into a modern, functional, and spacious spot, whether it’s your residential or commercial space.

We offer both residential and commercial remodeling in Katy.

Roofing and Siding

A functional roof over your head is a true blessing.

Be it commercial or residential roofing, our team of experienced contractors will repair, replace, and maintain your roof to ensure weatherproofing and efficient protection.

We use only the best materials that offer a sturdy shelter and increase the market value of your property. In addition to roofing, we also provide siding services that are essential to maintaining your roof.

We repair and reinstall cost-effective siding services to maximize the durability of your building.

Room Addition

Are you thinking of adding a guest bedroom to your house? Adding an entire room in a limited space might seem challenging, but it’s not for us!

Depending on your needs, our experienced designers and craftsmen can add rooms or additional space at ground level, upper level, or even as a detached unit from your main house.


Our residential and commercial painters can paint the interior and exterior of your buildings, providing them a fresh new look.

We understand how a splash of color can make all the difference.

When Katy Home Remodeling, we only choose high-quality and weatherproof paints that last for years to come.


Are you planning to swap your old wooden floors with modern designs?

We specialize in all sorts of flooring services: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic, natural stone, carpet, or waterproof flooring.

Trust us to install new indoor or outdoor curb flooring for your residential and commercial buildings.

Planning a Remodeling – Katy Home Remodeling

If you are a residential or commercial entity looking for remodeling in Katy, you know who to call! Give us a call now at (713) 715-1581, or get a free estimate for your Katy Home Remodeling plan. E & L Star Construction Inc. in Katy will care for all your renovation and remodeling needs.