When things fall apart, we fix them for you. E & L Star Construction Inc. offers home repair services in Memorial to fix all the broken items and fixtures in your house, so you don’t have to replace them. You can expect professional solutions, convenience, on-time services, and utmost respect from our crew, including members with years of experience under their belt.

Our one-call process would get you a repairman who’ll be at your service swiftly to inspect the problem and repair your house right away. Without any delays, our repairmen arrive at your facility with all the tools needed to get the job done. No matter the problem, our solutions are guaranteed to bring your house back to 100% functional. And if something’s beyond repair, we replace it with the best quality products available and get them up and running right away.

Check Our Home Repair Services in Memorial

Door Repair

Broken and noisy doors are quite a common problem in every household. They are incredibly important for the safety of your house, and that squeaky noise they make can be quite irritating. If your door’s lock has been broken or your door is making annoying noises, give us a call not to get it fixed ASAP.

Our home repair services in Memorial also cover garage doors. Garage doors can sometimes play tough to open or close. If you’ve been facing issues with your garage door and have to open or close it every time manually, it’s time to get it fixed.

Window Repair

Struggling to close your windows? Broke the glass of your windows? Got worn-out window frames? Happens with the best of us. Windows can easily get damaged due to frequent use and weather conditions. But a poor-looking window really lowers the curb appeal of your house.

Memorial Window Repairs

If your windows have been acting up lately or are broken, give us a call, and our repairmen will fix them within a day! Our home repair services in Memorial operate 24/7 to ensure that your windows are able to protect your indoors from dust and burglaries.

Wall Repair

Cracks in the wall due to moisture or other underlying problems are quite common. They damage your paint and ruin the look of your house. If you fall victim to cracked walls or your kids have ruined the paint on your walls, give us a call to fix it as soon as possible before the cracks get bigger. In addition to fixing your walls, we’ll also fix the root cause to ensure that you never face the same issue again!

In addition to these services, we offer any and all kinds of repairs, be it plumbing, electrical, or whatsoever!

Looking for Home Repair Services in Memorial?

If you are a homeowner looking for Home repair services in Memorial, you know who to call! Give us a call now at (713) 815-5825 or get a free estimate to repair your house. E & L Star Construction Inc. will fix or replace all the broken stuff at your house to ensure that it remains functional 24/7.