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Bathroom Remodeling in Missouri City

Bathroom remodeling in Missouri City can increase your property’s value substantially. In addition, it helps remove clutter and makes your home more eco-friendly.

So, if you’re thinking of getting bathroom renovation done, you’re already on your way to enjoying a massive ROI in the future.

However, like any other construction project, it’s always important to research before scheduling a bathroom remodeling service. At E & L Star Construction Inc., we provide free estimates to our customers on all our services. So, click on the link below to get a free quote today!

Are you planning a bathroom remodeling in Missouri City? Let’s take a look at eight of the most commonly asked questions regarding these renovations and their answers:

1. How Long Does the Renovation Process Take?

An ideal bathroom remodeling process with minor requirements could take anywhere between 3-4 weeks.

However, the time taken will depend on the surface area and the amount of work. In addition, some remodeling processes require a permit which can also take a long time.

It would help if you set a realistic expectation and add a couple of extra weeks to the estimated time given to you.

Missouri City Bathroom Remodeling

2. What are the Steps of Bathroom Remodeling in Missouri City?

A typical bathroom remodeling in Missouri City would involve the following steps:

  • Designing a model
  • Installing countertops and sub-flooring
  • Selecting and installing tiles
  • Installing cabinets
  • Fixing electric wiring and installing light fixtures
  • Preparing wall materials
  • Installing wall tiles and accessories
  • Taking care of the remaining painting, plumbing, and touch up requirements

3. Is There Anything I Need to do Before the Process Begins?

Yes, it is good practice to remove all the loose items and personal belongings before the remodeling begins. You should also cover nearby items with sheets to avoid falling debris.

In addition to this, if you don’t already have design ideas, you should review magazines or online renovation videos to set some expectations.

4. Can You Re-glaze my Bathtub Instead of Replacing it?

If the bathtub is in good condition, a quick re-glazing process can improve its quality and expand its lifespan. However, if it is not in an ideal state, we would recommend replacing it.

5. Is Remodeling a Bathroom Essential?

Remodeling a bathroom, as mentioned earlier, can increase your property’s value and contribute to your ROI significantly if you sell your house.

The return on investment will depend on the type of remodeling you opt for, but typically the ROI on bathroom remodeling is about 70%.

6. Can I Get my Bathroom Partially Remodeled?

Yes, you can opt for a partial remodeling depending on the work required.

If you’re satisfied with the layout and the positioning of the key features in your bathroom, partial remodeling might be the best option.

7. What are some of the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid?

When it comes to remodeling services, we often tend to underestimate the time and costs associated with them.

In addition to this, some may consider cheaper quality materials that will lead to repairing needs and cost a lot in the long run.

8. What Type of Tile is Best for Bathroom Renovations?

The flooring and the wall tiles usually take up a significant chunk of your investment, so it’s a good idea to choose the best materials available.

The three most popular tiles include travertine, ceramic, and porcelain.

Other Remodeling Services We Offer

In addition to bathroom remodeling, E & L Star Construction Inc. also offers and provides the Baytown area with many other remodeling options. Alongside bathroom remodeling, we also remodel:

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