Storm Damage Restoration in Spring

Spring, Texas, is highly susceptible to storms, especially tornadoes. Mother Nature sometimes hits us hard, damaging property severely and resulting in costly repairs and Storm Damage Restoration in Spring. E & L Star Construction Inc. – Spring Storm Damage Restoration Company has been conducting storm damage restoration in Spring, Texas, for several years. We always advise our customers to take preventative measures to reduce their repair costs.

Because it’s the most exposed, the roof can face a lot more damage than any other element of the house. In addition, if you’re required to install a new roof, that will also more likely burn a hole in your wallet. For this reason, taking preventative measures to avoid roof damage is one of the essential steps you should take before storm season.

In Spring, Texas, the risk of tornadoes is higher than the national average and much higher than the state average. Let’s take a look at some of the preventative measures that can help minimize, if not eliminate, the roof damage:

1. Cutting Nearby Trees and Branches

Cutting nearby trees and branches will help prevent the clogging of gutters and chimneys. This will not only improve the quality and lifespan of the roof but will also prevent damages to the shingles. During a storm, the branches can also fall off, causing roof damage such as dents and holes.

2. Taking Care of Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation does not only ensure that your roof stays warmer during winters and cooler during summers, but it also prevents shingles and other elements from flying off during a storm. Schedule yearly roof inspections, especially before the storm season, to avoid storm damage restoration in Spring from costing you thousands of dollars.

Spring Storm Damage Restoration

3. Adding Insulation

Adding insulation to the roof prevents water from going into the deck and causing leakages around the house. Insulation is a protective layer between the shingles and the deck, and it supports the integrity and the function of the roof. Using plywood or roof sheets over your roof can also prove beneficial in the long run.

4. Add Cement or Starter Shingles

Using cement between shingles that are likely to cause roof damages is a great idea to minimize future costs. Cement can help prevent shingles from falling off and further prevent cracks and holes. In addition, starter shingles- designed for higher winds- can also be installed. However, if your roof is old, you will more likely need to install a new roof to prevent property damage.

5. Schedule an Inspection

You can take some steps to ensure your roof is in good condition for future storms. For example, go to the attic and see if any natural light is passing by; this signifies that your roof has holes or cracks that need to be taken care of.

Hiring a professional for inspections and roof repairs could save you a considerable amount of money. These professionals are trained to look for signs of roof damages and provide appropriate solutions.

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