Tomball Roofing Contractor

There are few things as underrated and neglected as a roof. If you are looking for a Tomball roofing contractor for roof repairs, maintenance, or replacements, we’ve got you covered.

Many people wonder when they need a roofing contractor, and we are here to help you understand the importance of a professional roofer.

Roof Inspections

You should contact E & L Star Construction Inc. – Roofing Contractor Company in Tomball at least twice a year to inspect your roof. These inspections help us diagnose problems early and address them before they become a widespread issue that will cost more to fix.

Other situations when you should contact us are after storms or impacts to your roof. Such incidents can damage your roof and cause it to leak or even collapse in extreme situations.

Even if the damage isn’t visible on the surface, you should contact a Tomball roofing contractor to check for any underlying damage that has weakened your roof.

Roof Repairs

Regular wear and tear can damage your roof, and at some point in its life, every roof needs repairs. Signs that your roof needs repairs include:

  • broken, missing, or curled shingles
  • excess granules in the gutters
  • broken vents or gutters
  • mold
  • puddles in the interior ceiling
  • peeled paint

Tomball Roofing

Ideally, you should conduct frequent visual inspections to ensure your roof is structurally intact. However, the moment you see any signs of damage, call a Tomball roofing contractor to inspect the roof and conduct repairs.

Roof Installation

While you may be tempted to hire a budget contractor or attempt a DIY roof installation, you should always contact an experienced Tomball roofing contractor. One of the leading causes of roof leaks is improper installation, so always opt for a quality contractor.

Roofing is a highly specialized profession that requires training and experience. Additionally, your insurance won’t cover any damage to property or life due to an improper roof installation.

Roof Replacement

Your home’s roof has a certain life, beyond which you should replace it and get a new one. Most roofs last around 20 years, with some premium materials lasting longer.

Even if your roof seems to be in immaculate condition, do not be fooled. A building’s roof experiences the harshest weather conditions and degrades over the years. Timely roof replacements can save you the hassle of paying for expensive repairs.

Many insurance policies also offer a discount when you get a new roof, so a new roof pays for itself. Barely any insurance company offers coverage for an older roof, and even if they do, it’s limited to the value of the roof, including depreciation.

Why Choose Us?

Few Tomball roofing contractors bring what we do to the table. Our team undergoes rigorous training and follows safety precautions to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

We are committed to delivering the results you are looking for, so we leave no stones unturned. Our project managers and installers understand your needs to ensure you get what you want.

There are multiple types of roofs available, each with different benefits and price tags. Our team can help you pick the perfect roof while staying within your budget.

Need a Tomball Roofing Contractor? We Can Help!

If you need a Tomball roofing contractor to install, repair, or inspect your roof, E & L Star Construction Inc. – Roofing Contractor Company in Tomball has your back. Our customer-first approach ensures that you get the best there is while maintaining safety.

You can choose what you want for your needs, and we can guide you to make an informed purchase. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and come one step closer to getting a new roof!