A complete home remodel is not always possible with the budget you are working with. So, you may have to decide which parts of your home to remodel first. You may think there is no right or wrong order, but there are orders in which benefit you the most.

We have outlined the rooms you should consider remodeling as soon as possible below. By choosing one of the following rooms, you can benefit your home’s comfort and value sooner than expected. Plus, if you decide to move or sell your home sooner than expected, you can maximize the benefits of your remodeling efforts.

1. Kitchen

According to Trulia, one of the “hot spots” potential buyers inspect most is the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling projects are some of the most popular home improvement projects too! For many, the kitchen is the home’s centerpiece, so it is critical it meets their criteria. If a home remodeling project is considered, look to your kitchen as the first candidate.

When navigating a kitchen remodeling project, you should satisfy your own preferences before looking at what buyers may be wanting or what is currently trending. In order to satisfy both of these areas, hiring a professional contractor for the job is best. E & L Star Construction Inc. can assist you in elevating your kitchen through complete or partial remodeling services. We’ll provide design options before we start the demolition process.

2. Master Bathroom

Trulia also says the other room considered a “hot spot” for buyers is the master bathroom. This lines up with data we have that says the master bathroom is the second most remodeled room in the house. Some homes are not built with a master bathroom, so many look to add one or renovate their existing bathroom. You can also convert an existing bathroom into a master bathroom, which could help you save on costs.

Master Bathroom

When it comes to your master bathroom remodeling project, consider your master bedroom. They should complement each other, and the bathroom should invite you in with ease. Features that may be outdated or inconvenient should be addressed first. Afterward, you can look for areas of improvement or embellishment, such as a jacuzzi tub, rain showerheads, and unique lighting fixtures.

3. Master Bedroom

Since you may be remodeling your master bathroom, consider the bedroom right after or before. If your bedroom is a bit dated, then the bathroom remodeling makes it look even older. In that case, look to remodeling it afterward. A bedroom remodel is relatively simple and could even be done on your own. You can look to upgrade the flooring, change the paint color, or add built-in features like a larger closet.

You may think there are few options for a bedroom remodel, but there are many ideas to consider. Some master bedroom ideas include new windows, sliding door options, lighting fixtures, a balcony, exposed brick panels, and more! All of these options can add depth, comfort, and some luxury to your master bedroom.

4. Living Room

Once the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom have seen their upgrades, look to areas where your guests may benefit. Of course, it is important you also benefit from the upgrades you make. When it comes to the living room, you have a lot of options to consider. The flooring, ceilings, and walls are the major areas you can add features. 

Living Room

If you currently have carpet, consider removing it and using the hardwood flooring beneath it. Instead of white walls, consider a brighter or bolder color. As for the ceilings, add unique lighting or a ceiling fan for added comfort. You may also consider built-in shelving units around the room for future decor. The options are unlimited when it comes to your living room.

Hire a Professional Contractor

Whichever order you choose for your remodeling project, you should hire a professional contractor to assist you. We can give you more insight into your project, provide you with a suggestive order, and may even save you on materials costs along the way. Give E & L Star Construction Inc. a call at (713) 815-5825 or visit our free quote page to fill out the form!