Out of all interior design styles out there, the modern style is the most popular. Not to be confused with contemporary, a modern interior is defined as clean, natural, and minimalist with straight lines, and simple colors. Modern designs usually involve different materials such as stone or wood in some way. These easy-going concepts often lend themselves perfectly to bathrooms, which are meant to be relaxing, comfortable spaces. If you want to achieve an ultra modern bathroom, we have some tips for you. 

Tips for Achieving an Ultra Modern Bathroom 

When you think of an ultra modern bathroom, what do you think of? Modern furnishings and interior design have practicality in mind. There is no unnecessary clutter or adornments, and form follows function. You won’t find loud colors or daring designs. Everything seems to follow a purpose. To achieve this style, there are several must-have features to provide in your ultra modern bathroom. 

Freestanding Tub

A key element in every ultra modern bathroom is a freestanding tub. If your bathroom has space, a freestanding tub should make a statement and be the focal point in your bathroom. Think of a freestanding tub like a sculpture. 

Freestanding tubs come in many shapes and sizes, including oval-shaped, rectangular, or those designed to fit in a corner. The traditional freestanding tub is a clawfoot tub or a pedestal one, but these don’t follow the modern standard. Those tubs have curves and details whereas, in modern design, the tub should be clean and flat with slender edges and straight lines. 

Neutral Colors

Nothing else evokes the cleanliness of the modern style than using white in your ultra modern bathroom, but there are other colors you can incorporate, too. Bold colors don’t follow the modern style, but the use of different materials and neutral colors do. Materials such as marble, stone, and wood are staples of modern interior design. Don’t be afraid to go dark, too. Using dark marble for your countertops and in a backsplash can add intrigue to a modern space. If you feel your bathroom needs some pop of color, you can incorporate colors like blue, green, teal, red, and gold in rugs, towels, and other accessories. 

An example of ultra modern bathroom designs with a black freestanding tub and minimalist features

Modern Mirror

When it comes time to choose a vanity mirror for your modern bathroom, there are a few things you should keep in mind. One of the most basic vanity mirrors you can choose is a frameless mirror with backlighting. This is especially useful if you choose a full-length mirror that extends to the ceiling because you won’t have space for vanity lighting. 

If you decide a full-length mirror isn’t for you, choose vanity mirrors with thin, plain metal framing. It’s important to remember that the mirror’s shape should also be simplistic, such as choosing a rectangular or circular mirror. 

Geometric Tile Shapes

As we’ve already discussed, the modern style is all about simplicity, purity, and functionality. Tiles are one of the most popular trends currently in bathroom and kitchen design, which is no different from modern interior design. Subway tiles are still a common choice, but hexagonal and octagonal tiles are becoming increasingly popular. Geometric tiles add dimension to your space. If you aren’t a fan of the hex tiles, herringbone, penny, stacked, staggered, and large-format tiles are also popular. 

Faucets and Fixtures

Keeping in mind simplicity, choose faucets and hardware in your bathroom that are not distracting and stick to minimalist designs. Most hardware is stainless steel and glossy. Make sure to choose scratch and tarnish-resistant finishes. Several types of faucets that are popular within the modern style are wall-mounted, deck-mounted, and single-handle faucets. Cabinet hardware should stick to one shape, such as rectangular or circular, and embody the modern style. 

Bathroom Remodeling Experts

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